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We’re looking for BowerBird Explorers

December 11, 2018bowerbirdblog

As we work to uncover great architecture throughout the world, we’re reaching out to you, our awesome tribe, to help us find new BowerBird Explorers.

A BowerBird Explorer is someone who builds communities in cities and regions around the world. This is an opportunity for people who don’t want to be architects, but want to help architects share their work with the world.

We’re itching to get out there, specifically looking for people in these areas to help us grow the tribe:

  • Australia
  • Hong Kong + China
  • Scandinavia
  • New York (+ East-coast US)
  • France
  • Spain
  • and we’re open to exploring others too!

As we grow BowerBird, we’re realising it’s so important to slow down the process, to find the right people to join us. So while we want to grow as quickly as possible, that will never be at the expense of finding a good match, and growing a great culture.

If the idea of meeting hundreds of architects, and helping them share their work with the world, is something that excites you:

  1. Listen to our podcast
  2. If it resonates with you, get in touch. We want to talk.


And if you know someone who would be perfect, please send them our way.

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