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BowerBird has gone Unlimited!

July 30, 2018bowerbirdblog

BowerBird has gone ‘unlimited’. What does that mean? Basically, we want more architects to upload more projects – in fact, we want you to add your entire portfolio.

Our plans used to be categorised into three tiers:

  • Studio: 5 BowerKits
  • Medium Practice: 15 BowerKits
  • Enterprise: Unlimited

This never sat quite right with us. It felt contrary to our mission to democratise architectural media. So we had a crazy idea: what if we made all our plans unlimited?

To make this work, we’ve removed all the limits, on all our features, for all new subscriptions; which means unlimited BowerKits, unlimited statistics, and unlimited messages. The new plans are now determined by practice size.

Our Enterprise and Medium Practice partners will continue to receive some additional tailored support and training options (because their needs are different), but we want to make sure everyone can use the platform to its fullest, so we can uncover more great architecture for our journalists.

If you’re on an existing plan and would like to switch to the new unlimited plans, please get in touch and we’ll discuss your options. For those of you on the discontinued Personal Plan, we’ve got a special offer for you – send us an email to and we’ll tell you all about it!

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