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December 11, 2018bowerbirdblog

Nic Granleese

Nic used to be an architectural photographer (and an architect before that). BowerBird now consumes all his time.

Believe it or not, Nic actually coded the whole BowerBird platform. He’s a bit of a renaissance man. You’ll find Nic either tethered to his computer churning out new features, or flying around the world meeting with architects and supporting our remote team.






Ben G Morgan

Ben used to be an architecture and design journalist. BowerBird now consumes all of his time.

Ben nurtures the Australian tribe of BowerBirders (you’ve probably heard from him directly in some capacity), and also works closely with journalists. You’ll find Ben at the other end of our chat box, or travelling the world meeting with fellow journalists.







Chris Shinn

Chris used to work in tech sales. BowerBird now consumes all of his time.

Chris is our Explorer in North America, looking after tribes from Vancouver to LA, and our various other users across the US and Canada. You’ll find Chris either rock climbing on a mountain somewhere, or spending time with awesome architects (we’re trying to encourage him to combine the two; any architects want to join Chris on a climb?).






Eszter Rigaová

Eszter used to write about architecture. BowerBird now consumes all of her time.

Eszter is our European Explorer. Based in the beautiful city of Budapest, Eszter is currently growing our tribe across Europe, starting with Zurich and Budapest (have you seen the brilliant work being produced here? Outstanding!). You’ll find Eszter heading up the BowerBird Instagram account, or heading to a new European city each month – yes, we’re envious too!






Celeste Bolte

Celeste used to work in Architecture Communications. BowerBird will soon consume all her time.

Celeste will be moving to the UK in March 2019, to set up a BowerBird base in London. You’ll find Celeste building our UK tribe – remotely from Melbourne for the time being – or uncovering incredible op-shop finds (the woman has a gift, seriously). She’ll most likely be splitting her time between London and the Greek Islands, because why not!

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