The secret to getting your architecture published…

April 26, 2016Ben Morgan

Nic and I are in the middle of ‘soft launching’ BowerBird; this basically means we’ve hit the ‘on’ button and we’re testing the app out with a handful of trusted users before opening it up to the world, just in case something doesn’t quite work as expected.

As we welcome in our first 40 users, we’re not just thinking about ones and zeros, we’re actively meeting with architects, designers and journalists – and in the process we’re learning that this ‘media’ thing can seem a little complex. In reality, it actually comes down to one little ‘secret’: journalists are hungry for your story. You are not an annoyance and you won’t be harshly judged – every project has potential.

As journalists, we actually can’t get enough leads. The vast majority of us are happy to receive way more story ideas than we can ever publish – it helps our publications to stay fresh and diversifies the content. Not only that, but hunting down content can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the job. If great story ideas and projects land right in a journalist’s inbox, it can make that first step so much easier.

Now, not every journalist will be hungry for your particular flavour of project, but with thousands of publications out there, you’re pretty much guaranteed you’ll find someone who’s interested, and someone who can help you tell your story. The only thing journalists expect is that you know what kinds of content they publish, and send through projects that match.

And this is the part that BowerBird is trying to solve; we’ve developed algorithms to match BowerKits with the right journalists for your projects – these algorithms will get more intelligent as time goes on and as more users join the community.

So now that you know ‘the secret’, all you really need to do is get your content together. Chances are you’ve already got a project or two on your website that you’d like to get out there…

If you’ve got a completed project on your website and you’d like us to set up a BowerKit – everything a journo needs to publish your story – send us an email here and include a link to your project webpage. We’ll set you up and get you underway.

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