Credit where credit’s due in architecture

May 3, 2016Ben Morgan

It sucks when you put in hard work and don’t get the credit, and it’s the same for your team.

We have a phrase we’ve been batting around lately: ‘credit where credit’s due’. It’s not a new concept. It suggests we should acknowledge people when they’ve had an input. In terms of architecture and design, this means recognising all the members of a team who contributed to a project – or whose contribution was significant.

In BowerBird, we knew this was important for two reasons. Firstly, every person that is acknowledged within BowerKits (project media kits) helps journalists to get a fuller picture of the project, and tell a better story.

Secondly, it just feels right. We believe that every person that contributes substantially to the story of a project should be recognised. It’s in BowerBird’s DNA as a company.

That’s why we’ve built collaboration right into the heart of the app. When you create a BowerKit, you’re invited to add the people involved in the story, your Photographer and your Project Team (design team, builder, engineers etc.).

This means when a journalist writes about your project, they have all the info they need to credit all those involved. Our aim is to make it simple to ‘give credit where credit’s due’. At the same time, you’ll be inviting more people to be a part of the BowerBird community, which does us a favour, but also improves the app for everyone.

But more importantly you’re missing out on an opportunity when you don’t credit everyone. Each person and organisation has their own network. By giving credit where credit is due, you tap into the extended network of the project team. It’s as simple as that.

If you’ve got a completed project on your website and you’d like us to set up a BowerKit – everything a journo needs to publish your story – send us an email here and include a link to your project webpage. We’ll set you up and get you underway.

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