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July 11, 2016Ben Morgan

We’re excited to let you in on one of our favourite new BowerBird features.

As you may have noticed, when you create a BowerKit and add your images, you’re also asked to add your photographer.

This important step not only notifies the photographer that you’re uploading their images, but also drives an important new feature: Image Download Alerts.

Now, when images are downloaded by a journalist, the photographer – along with the BowerKit contact person – will get an email alert, keeping them informed about where the project, and their images, are being featured; or more specifically, the name of the journalist who has downloaded the images, and the publication/s they work for.

You’ve now looped the photographer into the story, helping them to be properly credited and to reach out to the journalist if needed.

For paid subscribers there’s also an Image Download Log, which helps you to track image downloads over time – handy reminders of where your project is likely to be published. You can then follow up with those journalists directly to talk more about your story.

And because every user on BowerBird creates a profile, you now know who each journalist is and which publications they work for in just one click.

Do you have a project you’d like to get published? Send us a link and we’ll help you set up an account and create your first BowerKit. Create your free account here.


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