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August 2, 2016Ben Morgan

When we started BowerBird (or MediaMap as it was then known) back in 2014, it was a one-way communication tool for architects and designers to send projects to journalists. The biggest development you’ll notice in BowerBird today is the ability for journalists to log in and actively search for new content.

Over the past few weeks, journalists – from social media, blogs, magazines, newspapers and TV – have logged into BowerBird to search for projects. It’s now very much a two-way street.

We have journalists, researchers and editors from across the world who are actively looking for new and interesting projects for publications. To name just a few:


And our favourites, the freelancers, are some of the best people to contact. Freelancers have connections to multiple publications, and can often help you to craft and pitch your stories. We’ve recently welcomed these freelancers to BowerBird:

For Australian Architects

We have also received a request from FremantleMedia for the next series of the ABC’s Restoration Australia. They are looking for historically significant projects to follow. If you or a client have a building dating between 1815 – 1960 and are about to embark on its restoration, they’d love to hear from you.

Filming will start in September and the size and budget doesn’t matter but passion and history does.

To find out more please get in touch here and we’ll provide further details.

So now is the time to add your projects to BowerBird and get those stories told. Get started with your free account here.

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