Why get my architecture published?

June 3, 2016Ben Morgan

Let me give you a hint. It’s not just an ego boost.

You might not necessarily feel that you want media. For some, getting your architecture published can seem a little vain; this idea of validation from a bunch of editors and/or your peers. Ultimately the decision to pursue media is a personal one, but there are some very solid business reasons why you need media, including these…


John is sitting in his office. He has just completed work on his first project – a brilliant project, with very happy clients and a standout on the street. He had had a couple of calls from friends of this first client, but they’ve either not been ready to engage an architect, or just weren’t the right fit for John’s practice.

John could be waiting quite some time for the next call. Without getting media attention, John is really only casting his net as wide as referrals from friends of his first client. By getting published in the media, John widens the net, and increases the chances new clients will find him.

Think for example how many friends your last client has and, of those, how many your client will actually speak to about architecture, and then of those, how many will actually be ready and able to use your services. Chances are you’re looking at a very small pool of people, and a group that you might not necessarily be excited to work with.

Now imagine your project is featured in a capital city newspaper with 200,000 readers, even if there’s only an interest level of 0.5% you would end up with 1000 potential clients in that audience. Of those 1000 potential clients, even if 0.5% turned into clients over a two-year period, with 5 great clients you would be pretty happy.

Getting published can help raise your profile and bring in new work, and at the same time give confidence to any referrals you do get.

Diversifying/Developing Your Business

Jane’s practice has been going strong. Since starting ArchiJane Architecture 2 years ago, she has mainly found clients through word of mouth, family and friends. She has completed six extensions/renovations to existing homes and retail spaces, and was able to complete a full-service house design for an old friend.

Jane is proud of her work, but she really wants to do more full-service house projects. The trouble is, the only people that seem to call are referred to her through word of mouth and are only interested in extensions and smaller work.

Jane needs to get her excellent work on her first full-service project out into the media to show her capabilities and attract a new type of client (interested in commissioning full houses). By getting her house project published, she raises the profile of her practice as one that is doing brilliant houses, not just extensions and renovations.

There are many other reasons that getting media attention could be useful to your business, but it will almost always come down to finding new, and more interesting clients.

If you’ve got a completed project on your website and you’d like us to set up a BowerKit – everything a journo needs to publish your story – send us an email here and include a link to your project webpage. We’ll set you up and get you underway.

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