Why Journalists Love Architecture Awards Time

June 26, 2016Ben Morgan

Whether you win or not, journalists are excited about your awards submission.

You’ve just attended an architecture awards night. You’re riding high on the buzz of the evening and you’ve just seen your project up in lights. Whether you win, get a commendation or miss out on an award, what you have are the building blocks of a story, so why not ride the momentum?

Rather than just putting your project up on your website, now is the time to prepare your content for sharing with the journalists who can help tell your story. In fact, journalists love this time of year; because they know that an awards submission usually contains everything they need to write a great story.

What you have:

  1. Photography: You’ve likely just spent a chunk of money on getting some great photos taken of your project.
  2. The Story: Chances are you thought long and hard about what your project is all about and have put some of this into your awards entry. The 5 ‘W’s are all you really need.
  3. Currency: Your project is most likely new and exciting. If you’ve won an award, magazines and newspapers, websites and television programs will also see a validated project.

You might have been holding off on approaching writers and editors, but this is the perfect opportunity to put together a media kit (or a BowerKit). If you’re lucky enough to be a winner, you should shout it from the rooftops.

If you’ve got Instagram or any other social media you can instantly start sharing your ‘hero’ shots with your followers, who will like, and share, and comment.

Using your awards content as the basis of your ‘media kit’, you’ve actually done all the hard work. Make sure you have all your content in one place – whether that’s a PDF or Word Doc and a Dropbox folder of images or a BowerKit – then go ahead and share your project; you’ve literally got nothing to lose.

Have you got an awards entry you’d like to share with journalists? We’ll help you polish it up and create a BowerKit. You can then use BowerBird to share it with your favourite publications.

Just send us an email to support@bowerbird.io with your submission or project page on your site and we’ll get you set up.


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