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BowerBird x World Architecture Festival 

November 27, 2019bowerbirdblog

BowerBird is excited to be a Media Partner for the 2019 World Architecture Festival (WAF19). As part of our partnership, we will be attending the festival and interviewing shortlisted entrants, visitors, and other key delegates. Nic Granleese (co-founder), Celeste Bolte (BowerBird UK), and Eszter Riga (BowerBird Europe), will be on the ground in Amsterdam next week.

“BowerBird has always been committed to taking architecture to the world,” says Nic. “Through this partnership, we can’t wait to apply our start-up mentality and see how it translates to the Festival context. We’re travelling light, with just our iPhones, a small camera, and our usual enthusiasm for uncovering the stories (and personalities) behind the world’s best architecture.”

We will be uncovering the stories behind the projects, capturing them on video, then sharing them through our Instagram and social media accounts. It’s a different kind of media partnership, and we’re excited to see what will unfold…

If there’s anything you’d like us to capture/answer/experiment with while we’re there, hit us up on Instagram or LinkedIn and we’ll do our best to oblige.

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