BowerBird Podcast: How to get your architecture published.

Want to learn how to get your architecture published? The BowerBird Architecture Podcast is a free audio series that will teach you everything you need to know about getting your architecture published. You’ll learn about how to engage an architectural photographer, how to prepare a media kit for your projects, and how to submit your work to the right person at a magazine, newspaper, website and even Instagram account.

The show is presented by the co-founders of BowerBird, architectural photographer Nic Granleese and design journalist, Ben G Morgan.


E1: Welcome to the BowerBird podcast!
E2: 5 steps to getting architecture published.
E3: 4 mistakes architects make with media.
E4: What’s the purpose of getting architecture published?
E5: How and why to create a media kit for architecture.
E6: Who are the people involved in architectural media?
E7: Different types of architectural publications.
E8: What topics get covered in architectural media?
E9: How to create content that journalists will love.
E10: How to engage an architectural photographer.
E11: Storytelling for architects.
E12: How to name your architecture.
E13 How to submit your architecture to journalists.
E14: The lifespan of architecture in the media.
E15: Architecture exclusives.
E16: What types of architecture gets published?
E17: The ROI of getting architecture published.

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